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Aashirvaad Select Superior Sharbati Atta, 5kg

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality atta made from the King of Wheat
  • It is 100 percent MP Sharbati wheat which is harvested in the sehore region of Madhya Pradesh
  • Rotis made from Aashirvaad Select Atta have a delightful aroma and stay softer for longer

Fortune Kachi Ghani Oil, Mustard Oil

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Made from finest mustard seeds
  • Acts as a digestive aid in neutralising toxins
  • Wards off indigestion
  • Keeps pickles fresh for longer

Hawkins Futura Hard ANODISED Induction ROTI TAWA

26 cm
  • Hawkins product, Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Induction_stovetop_compatible
  • Roti tawa

Nirlon Classic Range Dosa Flat Dosa Tawa Aluminum Nonstick Cookware 28Cm Thickness – 2.6Mm Red/Black

  • Whitford 3-Layer Non-Stick Coating From U.S.A Every Nirlon Nonstick Flat Tawa Comes With Whitfordu.S.A 3 Layeradvanced Non-Stick Coating, Which Is An Ideal Choice For Everyday Cooking.Ensures Its Long Lasting Non-Sticky Ability, Scratch Resistant And 100% Pfoa Free For Your Safety. This Superior Coating Prevents Food From Sticking To The Tawa, Making It Easy To Clean And Helps You Use Less Oil,Butteror Ghee For Non-Toxic&Non-Residue Pan
  • Handle Made Of Bakelite Nirlon Flat Tawas Are Equipped With Anstylish Ergonomically Designed Bakelite Handle That Does Not Heat Up During Cooking. The Cool Touch Sturdy Handle Helps You Lift The Hot Tava Without The Use Of Mittens Or A Cloth. The Handle Is Angled Upwards And Away From The Flame For Added Safety, Comfort And Easy-Handling.
  • Circular Groovingspiral Bottom The 2.6Mm Thick Aluminum Base With Spiral Bottom Body Ensures Even Heat Distribution & Retention, Enabling You To Cook And Serve Delicious Hot Meals. This Base Also Reduces The Chances Of Overcooking And Enables You To Efficiently Cook On Low Or Medium Heat, Without Wasting Gas Or Electricity.
  • Great Value.Premium Quality.Eco-Friendly. Welcome To The World Of Nirlon - A Place Where Premium Quality And Great Value Go Hand In Hand. Every Nirlon Product Is Carefully Built To Deliver Exceptional Quality. Right From The Materials Used, To Detailed Quality Checks, To Thoughtful Improvements, Quality Is At The Core Of Everything We Do. We Invest Our Resources Only On What Is Important To You, And Minimize Costs On Things Like Packaging, Advertising And Other Extras That Don'T Add Value.
  • € Nirlon Cookware Is Made From High Grade Aluminium And Stainless Steel Rivet € Whitford 3 Layer Coating: Long Lasting, Metal Spoon Friendly Non-Stick Coating € 2.6Mm Thick Aluminium Body: Durable Flat Tawa That Heats Up Quickly And Uniformly € Its Handle Made Of Bakelite: Cool Touch Handle That Does Not Become Loose Over Time € It Is Easy To Clean And Maintain, Even With Everyday Usage € 1-Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
offer• Don’t use metal spatulas, forks, knives, whisks • Avoid steel wool, scouring pads for cleaning • Don’t store food in non-stick pan • Avoid high heat and acidic material

Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, Pouch, 1 L

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle, edible oil, is a blend of 70% refined rice bran oil and 30% imported refined sunflower oil
  • MUFA and PUFA: Saffola Gold edible oil has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA as advised by NIN/ICMR
  • Dual Seed Technology: Gives you the goodness of two oils in one
  • LOSORB Technology: Results in upto 35%* lesser oil absorption in your fried food (*Basis frying studies on potato, 2018)
  • Saffola Gold blended cooking oil contains the power of natural anti-oxidants that helps reduce free radicals and thus helps keeps your heart healthy
  • Saffola Edible Oils are fortified with Vitamin A, D which helps against night blindness and supports strong bones

Tata Salt, 1Kg

This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Vacuum evaporated iodised salt
  • Lodine helps in mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults
  • Tata salt has ventured into new product segments to meet the changing needs of its customers, adding tata salt lite, tata salt plus, sprinklers, tata black salt and tata rock salt to its repertoire